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Ivive Mod Apk Free Download For Android


Version - 1.0.2
Size - 31.1 MB
Devoloper - Artivive
Updated on - 30/09/2020
Required Android - 4.3 and Up

Hi friends, if you want APK that change your image so that you come to the right place. Here we provide the best photo editor app that can help you convert and create new images. So, download and enjoy ivive Mod apk for Android.

What is Ivive Mod Apk?

Ivive Mod Apk is a revolutionary device that changes the way pictures are displayed. The intuitive app just uses the aged reality to create a new dimension by adding stunning animations.

ivive is an augmented reality platform and application for your project

This new technology allows individuals to add new dimensions to their project by adding an advanced digital layer to the two-dimensional image. The digital level has opened the door to a whole new world of possibilities. This new world can be unlocked from any smartphone or tablet and it gives an extended and emotional experience.

Ivive is an augmented reality platform that allows artists to add new dimensions to physical objects and connect to the digital level. Anyone can now take visitors on a trip on time, add artifacts and tell stories.

Our solution consists of two parts:

the ivive app - Visual Tools
Bridge platform - The material phase where you can create a digital layer

Try it yourself by registering for an account!

Interface and user interface

This APK is very simple and easy to use. You can easily change your picture and learn how to change one great picture at a time. The user interface is very simple and attractive to use.
Easy to use

You can control this application very easily with a simple application. Managing the gym has never been easier, but the user interface is very good. Each menu option has an easily recognizable icon that helps them understand it. In addition, images are always displayed to help identify them.

How to make money 75 thousand can sing with Ivive Apk

There are many video tutorials on how to actually use the Ivory app to watch Indonesian Raya song video. For those of you who are still curious and confused, here is a method you should try.

  • First you need to prepare it 75 thousand
  • After that, open the cult and place it on a table or other place
  • We will then open the Iviv app and instruct to scan 75,000 denominations
  • Now a video of the Indonesian national anthem will be displayed automatically. To prevent it, you have to remove it from the denominations. The video will then automatically shut down and people will disappear.

How to download?

  • First, download the APK by clicking the Download button.
  • Go to your device settings and allow unknown sources.
  • Return to your download area and tap the "Install" button in the installer.
  • Your installation process will be saturated.
  • After the tap, open the app and fill out the section you want as Plate Advance and enjoy.


Ivive is a beautiful app in the photo editing category. You can easily edit your photos with your friends. It is a safe app for Android devices. This innocence has been tested. Download, play and share this app with your friends and family.



Dragon Hills 2 MOD Apk Free Download For Android

Version - 1.1.6
Size - 78 MB
Devoloper - Rebel Twins
Updated on - 22/09/2020
Required Android - 4.1 and Up

Dragon Hills 2 MOD - From trainers to trainers to create blockbusters like Boson, MR Vampire, World War Z and Game Developers, zombies have never been an old topic, but this is no exception. They also produce numerous good ones. Games. Did.

Rebel Twins is an independent developer focused on developing high quality games for Android and iOS. And Rebel Twins easily use this theme to offer us cool games. After a successful run with nearly 50 million installations, the company has created and launched Dragon Hills 2 a very exciting zombie killing game.

2nd Part of Dragon Hills

Dragon Hills 2 is the story of a brave princess who is committed to fighting the evil forces of the world. Make peace for the world a few years after the defeat of the Dark Forces. The disease spreads strangely everywhere, making it a dangerous zombie for ordinary people. Not only that, zombies are used by aliens to enter Earth. The flames erupted again, the princess went to destroy the zombies and vowed to find the aliens behind the incident.


Transformed into a brave princess, the player's task is to drive away the angry dragon who dares to stop all enemies. This dragon has no wings. To move it, the player must control the kite from the ground and fly, which prevents it. You need to use this step to avoid zombie obstacles and shelling and attack the enemy unexpectedly.

The control mechanism in the game is simple so the player has to touch the screen to ask the dragon to dive to the ground and touch it. With just two operations, you can eliminate everything on your way and attack the armed zombies. Don’t forget to engage your brain to achieve the goal.

Challenges and strengths

On the way you will find laser marks on the roof and toxic green pool. When it hits, your fire dragon crushes the raw bones and the game. Armed zombies constantly attack when flames of fire appear in their eyes. You will also meet the boss at the end of each level, who will announce the portal of this level. He is stronger than other zombies and has more intelligence. The only way to get to the next level is to kill the zombie boss.

The higher the level, the more zombies and the more dangerous. How to deal with them? Fortunately, the game has an upgraded system that allows players to improve the power of the fire dragon and princess. Upgrade all defenses, unlock attack indicators and special abilities. One small note is enough to successfully upgrade gold coins on the street. So don't lose gold coins.

2D also amazing graphics

Dragon Hills 2 is based on the 2D version, the version of which is the same for every player, but still exciting. Background design, character, fire dragon and zombie everything is completed in a nice and funny cartoon style. Also, the explosive effect is very unforgettable, beautiful. Not only that, the sound is well invested when the game is over.

Dragon Hills 2G

One could say that Dragon Hills 2 is a very fun game for leisure with relatively simple gameplay and live sound. You can download Dragon Hills 2 to your device using the link below.

Dragon Hills 2 At the End

If you like endless running games, you should try Rebel Twins Company from Android. Your goal is to reach as high as possible on the squares with controlled characters and dragons to reach the upper class. Due to financial difficulties and difficulties in the game in general. Therefore, the mod app offers unlimited money.

So that you can easily develop your hero, dragon and your characteristics. Your special skills, various dragons, zombies and more will await you. Bug fix for the current version of Dragon Hills 2. The graphics are 2D and the sound quality is good. Control can be done with two fingers.

Public Transport Simulator - Coach MOD Apk Free Download for Android

Version - 1.35.2
Size - 44.86 MB
Devoloper - SkisoSoft
Updated on - 22/09/2020
Required Android - 4.2 and Up

Public Transport Simulator - Coach MOD is a public mode of transport has become more popular, people are trying to save more and this type of transport is always cheaper than driving your own car. Here you will drive a car by the same public transport driver, beautiful 3D graphics and bus or taxi, and make a definite decision.

Download Apk

In this game you work as a taxi driver who wants to earn some money. Rules must be followed so make sure you stop at traffic lights with stops. Your job is to deliver the customer to a specific location. The game is easy and inexpensive to manage. So you are not sad.

Public transport simulator is a game that simulates bus drivers. Therefore, players will play the role of a typical bus driver in the city. From the starting point to the end point, people are sent by bus to different places because there are buses in the city, so we often see traffic lights. The reason is that we have to obey traffic rules, not stop at traffic lights, wait for pedestrians to cross the street, and then drive on busy streets. This is the time to take care not to drive other people to get more passengers in your car and wait a while on each platform. Enjoy an impressive and fun driving experience.

Buses have to run. So people have to achieve their goal. If you are dependent on work, get on the bus. All of these functions are highly customizable and fully modeled. Pick people up from the terminal and take them to their destination. This way you get the money you can spend to buy or upgrade new buses and optimize your electricity.

More about bus simulator for public transport

This is one of the new games added to SkisoSoft Android platform. Your goal is to walk between stations in the city where you control the bus. Due to the general difficulties in the game. So Mod APK offers unlimited money, all buses are unlocked. Public Transport Simulator - Coach So you can enjoy the game to the end, please your passengers. The structure of the long-term game, various models of vehicles, roads and much more awaits you. Fixed bugs in the current version of the public transport simulator. The graphics are 3D and the sound quality is good. Control can be done with two fingers and a sensor.


Citampi Stories Mod APK For Android Free Download

Latest version - 1.68.8r
Size - 103.00 MB
Requires Androi - 4.1 and up
Developer - Ikan Asin Production

RPG and simulation games have always been a popular genre. People love it so much for the adventure it brings. They may not be as exciting as FPS games or games. Still, it has its own charm. If you are one of those people who likes a good role-playing game or a good simulation game, you will love this game!

Citampi Stories is an RPG simulation game developed by Icon Asin Productions. In this game you will play the role of a boy who was forced to marry the daughter of a lone shark. This is to pay off your parents' debts. But you don't have to. When you get a job at CTPI, you can send money. There you will find great thrills, romance and friendship! For more information, see.

What are Citampi Stories?

Sitampi Stories is a simulation game that challenges you to become a successful traveler, even if you are not in luck. In this case, as a player, you will be asked to earn parental debt each week. Well, for those of you who are struggling to succeed in this sport, here are some tips and tricks.

You'll find adventures, stories, friendships, relationships and more! The story alone will tempt you not to mention the amazing RPG-style animation! If you are hungry, keep reading!


Citampi Stories doesn't give you a general idea of ​​the gameplay. It is a combination of role playing and imitation. This means you can actually go anywhere in the game. Explore the city and do all kinds of activities like fishing, hiking and job hunting. You can also interact with different people in different places. What you do with your story is up to you!

Unique story

Your parents have a lot to do in this game. So you have to marry the daughter of a loan shark to repay the loan. Unless you go it alone and don't pay for it. In this game you go to find a job in the city of Citampi and pay off your parents' debts in 10 weeks. You do not start anything in this game and slowly go up. This means you will meet a lot of people, make a lot of appointments and eventually start your own family. You can

Features of Citampi Stories for Android:

  • Try different types of jobs with different needs.
  • Accept your best intimacy and marry beautiful girls
  • Meet and befriend dozens of people with different characters
  • Communicate with citizens
  • Find all locations in CTP and explore possibilities
  • Buy things for your friends
  • Improve your skills and your Citampi . Get a better life in
  • Think of other creative ways to make money! Find objects and fish in the rivers around Sitpi
  • Find different endings and different types of Citampi Stories
  • Beautiful pixel art
  • Story scenes in anime style
  • Parody rich places and names! Can you get everything?

What is new

Troubleshooting and optimization.

  • If you missed the search term, you can now call it laundry.
  • Solve an issue where you can get things out of the trash even if you don't have garves and it's not pretty
  • Resolved the issue of not being able to work even though you have completed the job description
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Users Review

User 1: I love this game! This game needs more recognition, I think it deserves an award from Google Play? The graphics are amazing for those who definitely appreciate pixel art! You don't really have to spend a penny to enjoy this game, so it deserves more support and if you want to

User 2: The game is really good. 4 stars for now. You can add that "you get 1 point on luck." And STR. You get points on "PC", "GYM" if I use hints.

User 3: Overall, really good retro graphics make this game more meaningful to play, I'm also a little grindy and romantic, so it's better to watch two of them, control is sometimes, but it's a little difficult at times, not a big problem to use and You will get used to it quickly. However, I am

Loopsie Mod Apk For Android Free Download

Latest version - 5.1.2                               
Size - 13.6 MB                          
Requires Androi - 6.0 and up

LOOPSIE is to create the first free video camera app that can take you in photos and watch videos on the go.

No camera, tripod or commercial video devices are required. A little bit of creativity and your photos will come to life with amazing movie effects!

Merge between photo and video. They look like magical pictures.

No tripods or commercial equipment required. A little bit of creativity and your photos will come to life with an amazing shading effect!

With Loopsie APK, you can create original video motion effects that you can't create with Enlight Pixelup or similar apps that use images as sources.

What does it do

For those who aren't looking for their static photos, which aren't really interesting anymore, you can always opt for Loopsie's sleek mobile app. Use interesting tools to record your videos effectively. Rotate them into static images, but keep the typical movements for a more elegant and engaging visual experience than your creative work.

Use the built-in camera to capture great moments in video. Apply interesting filters and effects to improve your content. And thanks to the added simple video editor, you can do your editing easily and without problems. Work on your films and have fun with amazing visual effects while you try each of these effects.

Show off your creative skills by independently setting videos and optimizing your motion effects on pictures. With Loopsie, Android users can immerse themselves in experiences independently.

Main Features of Loopsie

Video effects of breathing in motion and image

  • Our live video and photo effects make your video unique and allow your content to stand out from other photos and videos.
  • Forget these old photo filters and photo editing programs and welcome our new amazing video loops.

Integrated video camera

  • Loopsie has a powerful built-in video camera that allows you to record your videos in full HD resolution (beta).

Easy video editor

  • Video editing is straightforward. Everyone can make beautiful videos.

Stabilization algorithm

  • Loopsie removes the shake from your video. Pictures at unexpected speeds! Thanks to the first-class stabilization algorithm, you can put your tripod at home!

Full HD video

  • No obscure or low-resolution photos or videos. Loopsie fully supports full HD video.

User friendly user interface

  • You don't have to be a geek, post-production or video producer.
  • Taking a selfie is as easy as taking a selfie!

Aspect ratio

  • You can choose between the most common aspect ratios.

Create an interesting loop effect

For those of you interested in the amazing loop effect, you can try it for free in Loopsie as the app allows you to make complete changes to your system with a little compromise. Play with a loop effect on one of your chosen elements and in different directions. All of this should make the app much more fun and interesting.

Create and share your videos

With your editing speed and still images, Loopsie users can try to share their creative content on the chosen social network. With each of these, Loopsie offers some aspect ratio options that are common to your video. So, you can only select the videos you want to export and choose the right ratio to upload them online. Share your creative work with others and enjoy Loopsie to the fullest.

Free to use

And despite all the amazing features, the app is still free for all Android users. Here you can freely use interesting works without paying anything. All you have to do is choose a free app in the Google Play Store whenever you want.

How do I choose a moving and stationary part?

  • With #loopsy you just have to point your finger at the video.
  • There are two brush modes (motion / still images) you can choose from.

How do I set up a good video?

  • Loopsy usually works in any setup, but there are some good general video views that you can use to create some great videos.
  • Some of the scenes in this video are: waterfall, water flow, fire, sea, revolving background.

What can I do to prevent bizarre video effects?

  • Video stabilization algorithm, auto to focus, high quality coding and the new Camera 2 APIA should automatically prevent interference and unpleasant video effects. However, it is important that you remain as quiet as possible when recording video.

What is new

  • A wonderful new home for your purposes!
  • New tutorial that inspires you
  • The camera picks up better

Final judgment

With intriguing live photo effects, Loopsie offers interesting visual experiences for your videos and pictures. As a result, you can freely use its features to create your creative content online. Feel free to capture all the wonderful moments of yourself and all around you when you try to create fantastic visual experiences in Lupus. And most importantly, you are always free and unlocked on our website and there are more reasons to enjoy the app.


Bid Wars: Pawn Empire MOD Apk

Current Version: 1.15.2

Developer: Tapps Games

Size: 182 MB

Requires Android: 4.4 and up

Updated: 27/05/2020

If you want to play a business simulation game to fulfill your passion, you should not miss Bid Wars: Pawn Empire. It is an interesting and popular game. You are in full possession of the number of assets with which you can trade and make a profit. You will play the role of an experienced boss in bidding and increase the amount of money by selling these products. Once you have big capital, you can expand your business and keep more people.

Bid Wars: Pawn Empire was created by mobile game publisher Tapes Games. He is really a game maker who is known and familiar to the users. They always make games with good graphics, simple and exciting gameplay. Bid Wars: Pawn Empire, players have to spend a lot of time calculating what to buy and what to sell. You will receive additional interest after this process. That's great

In this game you have to use your brain to calculate what you want to buy and sell. It not only entertains you, but also trains your flexibility and gives you a chance to make money. If you lose capital, you will unfortunately not be disappointed. go there

How to Play Bid Wars: Pawn Empire

There is a way to play in Bid Wars: Pawn Empire it is not so difficult. However, this requires that players really pay attention and understand the business market. Therefore, this game is loved by many young people. They experience a business they could not do in real life.

You get a certain amount of capital while playing. Then with your intelligence and business skills you will have to increase this wealth over time. The more interest you have, the faster you will prosper. If you are authorized, you can hire managers and employees to support your company.

The first is that you are participating in the auction. You have to pay the best price to win against competitors and other players. However, the price offered may not be too high. Because you have to sell to make a profit. It's not easy. You need to have a good understanding of the market and market auctions.

Use your advertising and promotional skills to sell it at the best price. There are profitable products, but there are also disadvantages. This is normal and you will get the experience next time.

Bid Wars: Pawn Empire has many game modes

The game has 4 game modes known as Advantage, K, Run. It turns into all dialects. However, the accessories and methods are a bit different. The atmosphere is very lively, dramatic and tense. And the ultimate goal still remains to be taken advantage of. You can try each mode to see interesting ones.

Bid Wars: Pawn Empire The game will show players the fastest way to get rich. However, on the way to becoming rich, the player has to face many difficulties and challenges. Players will have to compete violently with others through antique auctions or expensive items.

You need to be a successful bidder to win this game. You own the item at the best price. You then sell the item at a higher price to make a profit. This game is really suitable for professional enthusiasts.

Hire more employees, expand your business

Money and gold are things that make it easy to invest and make a profit. Once you have the relevant amount and the amount of gold, then you can start investing in other areas. Use it to open more stores or companies. So you can make money faster and faster. You can also request investment from financiers. However, you should be careful and cautious as it can participate in your business process.

As you increase the number of stores and businesses, your brand value will increase. Hire more staff to manage it. The fact is the same, it is much easier than applying yourself to the current game. The more you grow your business, the bigger and stronger it becomes. This game helps you train more thinking and courage while acting in reality.

Higher levels, more difficult business processes and more strategic information are required.
Like other games, the level of the opponent is as high as hard. You need flexibility to use a better business strategy to win.

However, if you have real potential, you can easily make a lot of money. You can afford to invest in new markets. This is an opportunity and also a challenge for you.

Graphic design

Bid Wars: Pawn Empire offers extremely beautiful and impressive 3D graphics. The landscape is very beautiful and authentic, because you stand out in the dialect. Design images are sophisticated, flexible, varied and impressive. In addition, the sound is also very well combined. Like reality you can hear loud and clear voices. It helps you recognize its reality. At the same time, you enjoy winning bids.

To be honest the producer has invested very well in graphic and sound design. Has promoted its use and contributed to the success of the sport.


Bid Wars: Pawn Empire is a business strategy game with real emotions. This is not only a fun game, but it also stimulates your imagination and professional intelligence. You will melt completely in the most difficult auction.

Bid Wars: Pawn Empire is suitable for many subjects for entertainment. This is a commercial game where you need to focus on market issues and understand them. That way you can become a rich capitalist.

Bid Wars: Pawn Empire takes you from failure to success on many levels. Business is not always going well. Failure gives you valuable lessons. Download this game now and install it in Moonpox to experience the challenges and master it. I wish you had fun playing, got a high score in the leaderboard and made a good deal quickly!


Gangstar Rio: City of Saints MOD Apk

Current Version: 1.2.2b

Size - 11.37 MB + 835.6 MB

Developer: Gameloft SE

Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Updated: 26/05/2020

There are very few games with action in existing games, gangster genres that are interesting and exciting. One of them is Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. When you enter the game, you can select any gang and perform the tasks set by the gang. That's interesting, isn't it? You can only use your skills in the first stage. Because essentially the game has extremely simple gameplay.

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, developed by Gameloft. Gameloft is both creator and publisher. For some longtime athletes, they probably with this sports company. Not too cumbersome. Gameloft has a very long development stage. It was at the forefront of popular game studios as smartphones have not yet become popular.

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints was first released in 2011 and has received a lot of support from users. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is currently released on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Java.

How to play

When you enter the game, you enter a virtual world based on the city of Rio-Brazil. Here you get different tasks for each level. There are over 60 different missions to explore and experience. Sometimes tasks are often simple and sometimes very complex. It can be said with certainty that the more you work at a higher level, the more difficulties you will have.

To play Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, you must first understand the navigation buttons in the game. To move like walking king or jogging, you can continue with the virtual keyboard shortcut on the screen. Depending on the action, you have to select the up, down, left or right button.

Once you understand the tricks, you need to understand your actions and goals. As mentioned above, each level has different functions for your performance. This function can be anything. For example killing people, kidnappers, kidnappers, terrorist attacks ... you have to follow the necessary instructions to meet some important characters along with some important things along the way.

Types of vehicle and its use

You can control many different types of vehicles. In the shop area you can equip vehicles and other modern vehicles. You can also properly loot them in the level to complete the task.

The vehicles used in the game can be named. Four-wheel drive vehicles such as trucks, taxis, conventional cars or police cars. Two-wheelers include motorcycles or motorbikes. There are also many specialized vehicles in the game that you can use: planes, helicopters and tanks. In each category, there are dozens of different models to choose from in the game.

To control these vehicles, you can use the following method. Press and hold the top button (or number 2) to continue. Press and hold (or 8) to apply the brake. Use the side buttons (or 4 and 6) to rotate directions. And finally you can leave the vehicle controlled with the 0 button.

You can easily rob vehicles by driving empty vehicles on the road and pressing 5 buttons in the car.

Different weapons

The first weapon in the game is fighting with your open hands. To resist the bare hands, you must first approach the enemy. Then press and hold 5 to attack. Hold these 5 buttons until you defeat the enemy. Here's a trick. That means you have to keep the tempo of the button stable and consistent. Doing so will result in a stronger attack on the enemy. This will help you increase the damage and shorten the war time.

You may also have armed weapons on the trip. The game can be integrated into weapons such as pistols, rifles and grenades. You can easily choose weapons by paying close attention to the street map. To choose weapons, you just have to go through them.

Features of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

Changing the character of the game: Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, you can easily make changes. Earn a lot of money to equip things like clothes, hats and glasses ...

Change the position of different maps: you can see all the views of Rio City in the game. They are located in many different places such as streets, commercial areas, resorts, resorts, beaches and forests.

Graphic design

The game is created in a modern and sophisticated 3D style. The pace of the game is pretty smooth with no leg event.

The images that mimic the Cityscape are very honest and careful. Apart from that, the characters of the game are also very well maintained in terms of graphics.


Overall, Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is a very exciting game worth playing. Games can be limited to audiences like children. For this reason, mature players are also excited. And this is the difference that makes Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is different.

Real Cricket 20 MOD Apk For Android Free Download

Version - 42 MB + 485 MB

Size - 41.7 MB + 485 MB

Devoloper - Nautilus Mobile

Updated on - 24/05/2020

Required Android - 4.1 and up

Real Cricket 20 is made from and imitates 20 famous cricket games. You will experience the best of this game in the game. It is no accident that Real Cricket attracts 20 players. It can be said that Real Cricket 20 did a great job of achieving equality in the real game of cricket.

Real Cricket 20 is created and presented by Nautilus Mobile. The game was released completely free on both major platforms, Android and iOS. On Android GGPlay, the game receives over 10 million downloads and over 100,000 positive reviews and comments. And in the iOS app store, the game ranks 11th in the sports game series. As can be seen, Real Cricket 20 has received many positive reviews and user impressions.

Overview of Real Cricket 20 Gameplay

You can only find the real feeling of playing cricket with virtual buttons on the screen. The navigation buttons may seem complicated, but the reality is very simple.

First, however, you need to understand the structure and gameplay of the game. The game has many different game modes depending on the player's choice. When you start playing, you can fight with the machine first. It is also known as a fast tournament.

Before you start the main game, start by selecting the team and chasing your opponent. The parameters shown are usually country name, competition rate, organization and team badge. Your opponent's team is in front of you, not a random draw.

Next are the soccer field parameters and other sub-indicators. There are also studio interviews and reports before the game. If you think this is not necessary, you can skip it.

After completing the above steps, enter the game. The atmosphere on the stand is crazy from now on. You can feel it when you see and hear the sound in the stand.

Use the virtual key on the screen

Remember in the game that you need to understand the basic moving buttons. You can start a perfectly intense and complex tournament and still win big.

First, you will see the Virtual D-Pad button on the left. With this button you can move the character in different directions. For example, you can move a character from top to bottom by dragging a round button on the virtual keyboard and moving it up and down accordingly. This is the same as the left or right action.

Next are the function and skill buttons located on the right side of the screen. You have different navigation buttons in different ball poses. When you are in the striking position you will see buttons like pressing, direct hitting and hitting. Making a wise choice depends on the direction of the opponent's throw. When in running mode, you have buttons like speed and stop. The next posts also have similar options.

20 ways of playing real cricket

1 vs 1 Game Mode: You can experience this mode from scratch. And the best tournament is the last.

Game mode 2 vs 2: you entice your friends to the game. It would be nice to see friends together, wouldn't it? Matching in this way saves time and real moments relief. This mode is different from the above mode. This time your opponent will be randomly selected, but will not be selected.

OC-OP mode: Experience this mode with your friends. This model has several levels of difficulty. Opponents are more likely to confront you in this situation. Find ways to control this computer brain.

Game Mode settings

The settings in the game are used carefully and extensively. You have options for picture and sound.

These settings are very important. Because low-end devices are not suitable for some games. With Real Cricket 20, you can reduce the quality and resolution of the display if the configuration is low. This helps to avoid unnecessary gaps during the game.

For sound settings, you can turn the sound on or off completely depending on the game environment.

Graphic design  

Real Cricket 20 has fast and sophisticated 3D graphic design. The details in the game are very detailed and real.
The movement of the game was made to be very fluid and flexible.


Real Cricket is a new and very interesting game. Real Cricket offers 20 exciting and passionate gaming moments. It's almost the right way to create sound and visualize game developers. This game is worth a try in your life. With a sporty and dynamic game style, the game promises a real feel of playing in a real stadium.

Download MOD Apk

Download OBB File


Deep Town: Mining Factory MOD Apk

Version - 4.4.4

Size - 40 MB

Devoloper - Rockbite Games

Updated on - 24/05/2020

Required Android - 4.1 and up

Deep Town: Mining Factory is a mining simulation game that combines fantasy elements. It is a product of publisher RockBite Games and is published free of charge on Google Play. Since its inception, the game has attracted a large number of players from around the world.


Deep Town: Mining Factory is an exciting strategy game with a science fiction environment. Here you control one of the world's most advanced drilling systems and explore the underground world. Collect resources, mines and minerals and build your underground factories and cities. It is also a place where you can experience the life of a miner.

Discover the underground world

The shell of any planet can be very deep and certainly contains resources such as metals, diamonds and rare earth resources. All this is a great facility that nature has given us. But how do you use this resource and make a lot of money? Mining investments are a sensible option. However, in this game, players need to know how to protect the environment.

Deep Town's gameplay is a combination of different types of games such as clicker, passive, management, simulation and strategy. Deep Town offers players the world's most advanced drilling system, including robots and excavators for cooling, blasting and more. With such advanced equipment, no hard layers or stones can stop you from drilling. After finding the right area for drilling, you need to build a mining station. The mining process was determined and carried out in a specific order. First, a huge laser gun is fired at the floor. They do a lot of drilling to dig underground. When your robot reaches a certain depth, you can find ancient civilizations, human remains millions of years ago.

Building factories

In Deep Town you will play the role of the owner of a mining company. Your goal is to expand your business and become the king of the mining industry. To do this, you need to build many large mining facilities. He manages the company's chain and its factories directly. One thing you need to know is that not all resources are abundant. You have to find potential mines and then use modern machinery and techniques to use the maximum resources of this mine.

After using existing mines, you need to explore new areas. This is a very attractive feature that helps the players to expand the mining and get the maximum benefit. The cost of underground mining is extremely high and will increase when you dig deep. However, minerals of great value are always deep underground. This requires careful calculation if players do not want your company to go bankrupt. In this case, it is best to move to new mining areas. This helps to make mining easier. After a large amount, you can come back and continue mining.

Initially you had a few manual machines. Once you have a lot of money, you can also buy many types of modern machines and drones. Clicking will give you money and upgrades, but your computer can also work offline. This helps you not to spend too much time playing games and still develop according to the company's plan.


Stickman Master: League Of Shadow Mod Apk

Version - 1.3.6

Size - 67.1 MB

Devoloper - Unimob

Updated on - 20/05/2020

Required Android - 4.1 and Up

Stickman Master: League Of Shadow - The process of the game is currently very different. It’s a big part of this huge game industry. As the phone becomes popular and delivers incredible technical performance, everything becomes more convenient. The technique of creating graphic with work in an artificial 3D format that is almost suitable for the real world has developed rapidly. However, there are still some people who like the game of traditional 2D games. People have always been encouraged to make this game, but with admirable progress.

Stickman Master: League Of Shadow produces Shaf Shadows, a combination of two shadow motifs and a Stackman that stimulates the curiosity of players around the world. It is perfectly understandable. Both are big fans of intellectual products. So it seems clear that there is a ripple effect on the gaming community.

An action game

Stickman is the main character in the implementation of League Shaf Shadow Justice. This little boy will master many challenges from easy to serious. You will also encounter crazy bosses who use the most powerful and influential kind of power. Many also commented that the game is so honest that you can only imagine fighting real monsters.

The player's skills still shape like any other action game. This is side-scrolling 3D, in which players have to constantly move to the right to reach the finish line. Achieving a goal is not really easy when the target is blocked by a variety of monsters. They may be ghosts that appear as skeletons with perfect physical and spiritual healing skills. Your opponent can also be huge spiders. They never fight alone, but are always smaller, more agile and bigger allies. In addition, there will be big challenges like Ma Wolf, Dragon and Knight Soul, all of which have the ability to break the empire, and you will become a hero to face this threat.

Unique skills

The player's abilities correspond to your character's class when entering the game. You can use swords, blades or hammers and get weapons you already have. If you want to master the most difficult challenges, they are as tough as you have to master them.

The player is equipped with 4 different skill systems, automatic attack and movement buttons. In terms of mobility, Stickman Master: League Of Shadow has a little tweak that makes a difference for itself. On the left are two buttons that you can use to move forward or backward. To the right of the skill buttons are two small navigation buttons. The key enables the player to move at an average double speed. The rest of the keys give you a chance to jump. The intentions of the creator are revealed when the players have to retreat quickly and effectively. One way to use attack is to use the best to get the best effect.

Learn more about the Stickman Master: League Of Shadow

A popular game on the famous Unimob Studio's Android platform. Your goal is to fight your enemies with your character that you are in control of and achieve your success. Know the general challenges and problems of the game well. Therefore, the Mod app Unlimited Diamond offers unlimited money.

So you can improve your character and your strengths as you like. Different characters, enemies and players from all over the world are waiting for you. Bugs have been fixed in the current version of Shadow's Stickman Master League. The graphics are perfect and the sound quality is good. Control can be done with two fingers.