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Dragon Hills 2 MOD Apk Free Download For Android

Version - 1.1.6
Size - 78 MB
Devoloper - Rebel Twins
Updated on - 22/09/2020
Required Android - 4.1 and Up

Dragon Hills 2 MOD - From trainers to trainers to create blockbusters like Boson, MR Vampire, World War Z and Game Developers, zombies have never been an old topic, but this is no exception. They also produce numerous good ones. Games. Did.

Rebel Twins is an independent developer focused on developing high quality games for Android and iOS. And Rebel Twins easily use this theme to offer us cool games. After a successful run with nearly 50 million installations, the company has created and launched Dragon Hills 2 a very exciting zombie killing game.

2nd Part of Dragon Hills

Dragon Hills 2 is the story of a brave princess who is committed to fighting the evil forces of the world. Make peace for the world a few years after the defeat of the Dark Forces. The disease spreads strangely everywhere, making it a dangerous zombie for ordinary people. Not only that, zombies are used by aliens to enter Earth. The flames erupted again, the princess went to destroy the zombies and vowed to find the aliens behind the incident.


Transformed into a brave princess, the player's task is to drive away the angry dragon who dares to stop all enemies. This dragon has no wings. To move it, the player must control the kite from the ground and fly, which prevents it. You need to use this step to avoid zombie obstacles and shelling and attack the enemy unexpectedly.

The control mechanism in the game is simple so the player has to touch the screen to ask the dragon to dive to the ground and touch it. With just two operations, you can eliminate everything on your way and attack the armed zombies. Don’t forget to engage your brain to achieve the goal.

Challenges and strengths

On the way you will find laser marks on the roof and toxic green pool. When it hits, your fire dragon crushes the raw bones and the game. Armed zombies constantly attack when flames of fire appear in their eyes. You will also meet the boss at the end of each level, who will announce the portal of this level. He is stronger than other zombies and has more intelligence. The only way to get to the next level is to kill the zombie boss.

The higher the level, the more zombies and the more dangerous. How to deal with them? Fortunately, the game has an upgraded system that allows players to improve the power of the fire dragon and princess. Upgrade all defenses, unlock attack indicators and special abilities. One small note is enough to successfully upgrade gold coins on the street. So don't lose gold coins.

2D also amazing graphics

Dragon Hills 2 is based on the 2D version, the version of which is the same for every player, but still exciting. Background design, character, fire dragon and zombie everything is completed in a nice and funny cartoon style. Also, the explosive effect is very unforgettable, beautiful. Not only that, the sound is well invested when the game is over.

Dragon Hills 2G

One could say that Dragon Hills 2 is a very fun game for leisure with relatively simple gameplay and live sound. You can download Dragon Hills 2 to your device using the link below.

Dragon Hills 2 At the End

If you like endless running games, you should try Rebel Twins Company from Android. Your goal is to reach as high as possible on the squares with controlled characters and dragons to reach the upper class. Due to financial difficulties and difficulties in the game in general. Therefore, the mod app offers unlimited money.

So that you can easily develop your hero, dragon and your characteristics. Your special skills, various dragons, zombies and more will await you. Bug fix for the current version of Dragon Hills 2. The graphics are 2D and the sound quality is good. Control can be done with two fingers.

Public Transport Simulator - Coach MOD Apk Free Download for Android

Version - 1.35.2
Size - 44.86 MB
Devoloper - SkisoSoft
Updated on - 22/09/2020
Required Android - 4.2 and Up

Public Transport Simulator - Coach MOD is a public mode of transport has become more popular, people are trying to save more and this type of transport is always cheaper than driving your own car. Here you will drive a car by the same public transport driver, beautiful 3D graphics and bus or taxi, and make a definite decision.

Download Apk

In this game you work as a taxi driver who wants to earn some money. Rules must be followed so make sure you stop at traffic lights with stops. Your job is to deliver the customer to a specific location. The game is easy and inexpensive to manage. So you are not sad.

Public transport simulator is a game that simulates bus drivers. Therefore, players will play the role of a typical bus driver in the city. From the starting point to the end point, people are sent by bus to different places because there are buses in the city, so we often see traffic lights. The reason is that we have to obey traffic rules, not stop at traffic lights, wait for pedestrians to cross the street, and then drive on busy streets. This is the time to take care not to drive other people to get more passengers in your car and wait a while on each platform. Enjoy an impressive and fun driving experience.

Buses have to run. So people have to achieve their goal. If you are dependent on work, get on the bus. All of these functions are highly customizable and fully modeled. Pick people up from the terminal and take them to their destination. This way you get the money you can spend to buy or upgrade new buses and optimize your electricity.

More about bus simulator for public transport

This is one of the new games added to SkisoSoft Android platform. Your goal is to walk between stations in the city where you control the bus. Due to the general difficulties in the game. So Mod APK offers unlimited money, all buses are unlocked. Public Transport Simulator - Coach So you can enjoy the game to the end, please your passengers. The structure of the long-term game, various models of vehicles, roads and much more awaits you. Fixed bugs in the current version of the public transport simulator. The graphics are 3D and the sound quality is good. Control can be done with two fingers and a sensor.


PG Battle Apk for Android Free Download

Version: 2.0
Size: 13.6 MB
App By: Shineva
Updated On: July 24, 2020

PG Battle for Android users to make money from games. PG Battle is the best application. If you have an Android phone, you need to download the APK to get real money just by playing games on your phone. .

Of course, if you enjoy playing games on your phone, you’re a good player, but you’ve also lost because you can spoil your game-loving skills in useless games, but don’t worry now, PG Battle Download the latest version of PG Battle. Download APK and make money with your game. Now you can also earn real money during your playing time.

What is PG Battle APK?

PG Battle is a great gaming platform that allows all Android players to join the platform free of charge. And this APK gives people a chance to make good money just by playing games on their Android smartphones, and at the same time you can make money with your gaming skills. If you have good playing skills, you can make more money.

Main Features

  • Now you can participate in PUBG competitions and get a great price if you are a PUBG Pro.
  • Play games and make money.
  • Don't waste time on sports
  • Yes, play on PUBG PG Battle and make money.
  • Get real money.
  • You can just turn the bottle around and make money from your luck.
  • There is no fee.
  • No root
  • Earn money by playing different games.

Other Features

PUBG Contests:

  • In PUBG tournaments, you can join individual or group groups and earn 4000 points by playing with them. You can also get 100 points per kill. This is the best option because you can play your favorite PUBG game and earn money from your smartphone.

Earn by referring:

  • The reference and capture method is another simple method of collecting some additional points. Invite your friends who want to make money online. As soon as you register with your reference code, you will receive 200 coins. You can also invite all friends who like PUBG. You can inspire PUBG lovers to join the app with your code.


  • Here you can try your luck and get 200 extra coins. It’s a kind of lucky draw where you have to circle the circle and get a surprise gift in the form of coins.

No fee:

  • There is no fee related to its service. You can register an account and use PG Battle features without paying any money. No fees with deductions when withdrawing credit.

How to make money from PG Battle APK

P.G. Battle can offer another game for free and it's up to you which game you play. However, it is important that you create your account and then play this game and deposit real money in your account and if you have a small amount you can withdraw your money from your Papic Paypal, Paytm and PG Fight from your bank. .

How do you use PG Battle?

Directly from this website Get the PG Battle APK and install it on your device. Open it on Android phone and play games like PUBG, Spinner and collect real money.
  • Download the latest version of PG Battle APK file from the given link.
  • Go to your device security setting an dturn allow the unknown soarces.
  • Register a new account by email, phone number.
  • You can also use it if you have a reference code.
  • Complete the registration process now.
  • Next, check the account and sign in to the app.
  • Play games and have fun.