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Latest version - 1.68.8r
Size - 103.00 MB
Requires Androi - 4.1 and up
Developer - Ikan Asin Production

RPG and simulation games have always been a popular genre. People love it so much for the adventure it brings. They may not be as exciting as FPS games or games. Still, it has its own charm. If you are one of those people who likes a good role-playing game or a good simulation game, you will love this game!

Citampi Stories is an RPG simulation game developed by Icon Asin Productions. In this game you will play the role of a boy who was forced to marry the daughter of a lone shark. This is to pay off your parents' debts. But you don't have to. When you get a job at CTPI, you can send money. There you will find great thrills, romance and friendship! For more information, see.

What are Citampi Stories?

Sitampi Stories is a simulation game that challenges you to become a successful traveler, even if you are not in luck. In this case, as a player, you will be asked to earn parental debt each week. Well, for those of you who are struggling to succeed in this sport, here are some tips and tricks.

You'll find adventures, stories, friendships, relationships and more! The story alone will tempt you not to mention the amazing RPG-style animation! If you are hungry, keep reading!


Citampi Stories doesn't give you a general idea of ​​the gameplay. It is a combination of role playing and imitation. This means you can actually go anywhere in the game. Explore the city and do all kinds of activities like fishing, hiking and job hunting. You can also interact with different people in different places. What you do with your story is up to you!

Unique story

Your parents have a lot to do in this game. So you have to marry the daughter of a loan shark to repay the loan. Unless you go it alone and don't pay for it. In this game you go to find a job in the city of Citampi and pay off your parents' debts in 10 weeks. You do not start anything in this game and slowly go up. This means you will meet a lot of people, make a lot of appointments and eventually start your own family. You can

Features of Citampi Stories for Android:

  • Try different types of jobs with different needs.
  • Accept your best intimacy and marry beautiful girls
  • Meet and befriend dozens of people with different characters
  • Communicate with citizens
  • Find all locations in CTP and explore possibilities
  • Buy things for your friends
  • Improve your skills and your Citampi . Get a better life in
  • Think of other creative ways to make money! Find objects and fish in the rivers around Sitpi
  • Find different endings and different types of Citampi Stories
  • Beautiful pixel art
  • Story scenes in anime style
  • Parody rich places and names! Can you get everything?

What is new

Troubleshooting and optimization.

  • If you missed the search term, you can now call it laundry.
  • Solve an issue where you can get things out of the trash even if you don't have garves and it's not pretty
  • Resolved the issue of not being able to work even though you have completed the job description
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Users Review

User 1: I love this game! This game needs more recognition, I think it deserves an award from Google Play? The graphics are amazing for those who definitely appreciate pixel art! You don't really have to spend a penny to enjoy this game, so it deserves more support and if you want to

User 2: The game is really good. 4 stars for now. You can add that "you get 1 point on luck." And STR. You get points on "PC", "GYM" if I use hints.

User 3: Overall, really good retro graphics make this game more meaningful to play, I'm also a little grindy and romantic, so it's better to watch two of them, control is sometimes, but it's a little difficult at times, not a big problem to use and You will get used to it quickly. However, I am
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